June 20, 2015

On International Surfing Day 2015, on the south side of the Huntington Beach Pier, 66 former US Open of Surfing winners, Surfing Walk of Fame and Surfers’ Hall of Fame inductees, celebrities, and local Huntington Beach heroes rode our custom-built, 42-foot-long surfboard to break the Guinness World Records® for ‘Most people riding a surfboard at once’ on the world’s ‘Largest surfboard’!


Stats on the Board and Ride

Length: 42 feet
Width: 11 feet
Thickness: 16 inches
Number of riders: 66
Time surfed: 12 seconds


The Guinness World Records Attempt

The original record for ‘Largest surfboard” was 39 feet 4 inches. The record for ‘Most people riding a surfboard at once’ was set on March 5, 2005 with 47 people. To break these records, we built a 42-foot surfboard that had 66 riders surfing on it at once.  We had to surf unassisted for 10 seconds, but our riders easily stayed on the board and surfed a wave for 12 seconds into the history books!

Learn more about the people who rode the board and the people who made the board.  You can also relive the action of the Epic Big Board Ride via our social media feeds, video, and photos.

All of the riders on our board were surfers, either professional or amateur. Safety was a #1 priority on this epic wave. Want some fun beach and safety tips? Check out these Project Wipeout videos created by Hoag Hospital!